GAIA Côte d’Ivoire’s Mission is to deliver the highest quality living experience to the citizens of Côte d’Ivoire at affordable prices. We wish to deliver a new living style including award-winning design, family facilities, worship, education and shopping – all within one place.


GAIA CÔTE D’IVOIRE’s core values are surrounded with simple, long-tested concepts including:

  1. Excellence: We strive to deliver the highest quality of home construction at affordable prices
  2. Respect: By understanding the needs of our homeowners, we provide a full Life Experience. A house is a home, and this home is incorporated within a full lifestyle. We try to deliver these experiences with full respect for our homeowners
  3. Accountability: We are responsible for our work and our relationships with our homeowners. We remain accountable for our behavior, communications and action.

GAIA Côte d’Ivoire’s team is world-class

  • Highly experienced at delivering construction projects
  • Best in class architects and designers
  • Project Managers that deliver on-time and within budget
  • A Communications Team that keeps you updated and informed
  • A Team that understands the homeowner’s needs and requirement


GAIA CÔTE D’IVOIRE’s vision is to bring the most exceptional living experience to all citizens of Côte d’Ivoire. A new concept in living – incorporating the most luxurious living accommodation with outdoor greenspaces, sports facilities, premier shopping and places of worship allows GAIA CÔTE D’IVOIRE to introduce these concepts via its extensive project in Bingerville.

This exceptional quality is aimed to assist with the provision of affordable housing and living facilities to the citizens of Côte d’Ivoire as the country expands and experiences remarkable economic growth.

GAIA CÔTE D’IVOIRE’s vision is to be a part of this success and growth for the people of the country.

GAIA Côte d’Ivoire

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